Fearless Fashion, Deep Roots. – Brooke Atwood

Fearless Fashion, Deep Roots.

About Brookeatwood

Brooke Atwood received her degree in business at the University of Mississippi and her design degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design. She grew up sewing with her grandmother and riding horses with her rodeo cowboy father. Although Brooke was raised in the south, she would never call herself a “proper southern girl,” choosing instead to be influenced by abstract art and independent music. After receiving her degree she opened her own boutique in Mississippi. In 2012±after selling her acclaimed boutique to pursue her design dream—Brooke launched her namesake

“I’ve always been drawn to leather.

The way the material can elevate a silhouette

and define a person’s style is, at its essence,

everything I strive for.”

When not designing at her studio in Savannah, Georgia, Brooke likes to immerse herself in the country’s vibrant music and emerging art scenes. You can often spot her at New York’s, and Savannah’s music venues and art installations—which continue to influence her fashion eye and aesthetic.

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